The 1 Hour Guitar Method: Learn Everything A Beginner Guitar Player Needs To Know To Start Playing Guitar Today!

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Have you ever wished that someone would just tell us beginner guitarists a simple answer to this question:

"How Do You Play Guitar?"

I wished someone did when I first started!

Instead, I was given nursery rhymes, jazz chords, a huge book of scales, and a guns n' roses tab book. 

None of which helped me play "Paradise City" any better.....

There was not much info on the websites I found, and the few videos I learned from, that told me about REALLY playing the guitar. (this was before YouTube, which still has problems)

The 1 Hour Guitar Method is an attempt to help you learn what I learned MUCH FASTER AND EASIER!

With the information in this beginners guitar lesson course, and a disciplined practice routine, you'll get further than you ever could with Youtube Videos and weekly in-person guitar lessons. 

I'm empowering you with the knowledge you'll need to learn anything and everything you want quicker than ever! 

It's too tedious and expensive to spend money for lessons on every little thing you'll need to know. 

Can you afford thousands of hours of guitar lessons? Do you have the time to search for the right article or video to explain a concept to you? 

I didn't and you probably don't either. 

This course is going to show you the method that every seasoned player uses to learn a new piece of music. 

Even though I'm confident enough to play Dream Theater, Eddie Van Halen solos, and Chet Atkins, this is still the process I use. 

It's the process I use to relearn things that I've forgotten, and the process I use to practice songs and riffs I already know. 

It's the process you'll learn, one way or another, to play rock riffs, pop chord progressions, lead guitar solos, and thrash metal. 

For just $47, you can learn this method right now, in under an hour!

If you'd like more info, please watch the video up above. 

Thanks for looking and I hope I can help you learn to play this amazing instrument and wonderful artform!

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The 1 Hour Beginner Guitar Method, A Guitar Pro File Of The 25 Easiest Songs To Start Learning Today, A PDF On How To Find Great Guitar Deals, & Much More Updated All The Time!

Guitar Pro Files, No Sheet Music
Real Songs, No Nursery Rhymes
A Step By Step Process, Not A Bunch Of Chords & Strumming Patterns
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The 1 Hour Guitar Method: Learn Everything A Beginner Guitar Player Needs To Know To Start Playing Guitar Today!

0 ratings